The aim of this site is to help make people aware of the Transition initiatives in Greater London and to help the initiatives communicate with each other. The goal is to foster cross-group networking, resource sharing and inspire, motivate and publicise new Transition projects.

If you're new to the Transition movement check out What is a Transition Initiative? and then contact your local group.

Everyone, especially people interested in the sorts of things we do, is welcome to subscribe to our 'London-News' mailing list for the general news and information that is broadcast by it on the London-News mailing list signup page.

Once you are subscribed to London-News, you can publicise your Transition-related event, activity or other news item by emailing ltn-news@goop.org. We moderate broadcasts. Please try and give at least two week's notice and ideally a month.
  • Please keep broadcasts related to the core themes of Transition (climate change, peak oil, local resilience etc).
  • A 'news' focus is suggested - regular Transition meetings would not normally be listed unless they had a special theme or guest speaker.
  • Please bear in mind that list members get an awful lot of email.

Transition Initiatives in London
Belsize www.TransitionBelsize.org.uk
Bethnal Green www.BethnalGreenTransition.org
Bloomsbury www.TransitionBloomsbury.org.uk
Brentford TransitionBrentford.wordpress.com
Brixton www.TransitionTownBrixton.org
Brockley/Lewisham TransitionBrockley.blogspot.com
Chiswick www.ChiswickTransition.org
Crouch End www.TransitionCrouchEnd.org.uk
Crystal Palace www.CrystalPalaceTransition.org.uk
Dartmouth Park www.TransitionDartmouthPark.org.uk
Ealing www.EalingTransition.org.uk
Finsbury Park www.TransitionFinsburyPark.org.uk
Hackney tthackney.ning.com
Haringey sustainable-haringey.wikispaces.com
Heathrow www.TransitionHeathrow.com
Highbury TransitionHighbury.org.uk
Highgate TransitionHighgate.org
Hyde Farm http://www.energyshare.com/hyde-farm-climate-action-network
Kensal to Kilburn ttKensaltoKilburn.ning.com
Kentish Town www.TransitionKentishTown.org.uk
Kingston www.ttKingston.org
Leytonstone www.TransitionLeytonstone.org.uk
New Cross www.TransitionNewCross.org
Peckham and Nunhead www.TransitionTownPeckham.org
Penge www.TransitionPenge.org.uk
Primrose Hill www.TransitionPrimroseHill.org
Streatham www.TransitionStreatham.org
Stoke Newington www.ttStokeNewington.org.uk
Tooting TransitionTownTooting.blogspot.com
Tottenham SusTottenham.wikispaces.com
Tufnell Park www.TransitionTufnellPark.org.uk
Waltham Forest www.TransitionWF.org
Walthamstow TransitionWalthamstow.org.uk
Wanstead www.TransitionWanstead.org.uk
Wandsworth ttWandsworth.wordpress.com
Westcombe TransitionWestcombe.blogspot.com
Willesden TransitionWillesden.org.uk
Wimbledon www.projectdirt.com/group/TransitionTownWimbledon

Attention Transition initiatives in the London area:
To list or update your group or advertise interest in forming a new London Transition group please email ltn-talk-owner@london-transition.org.uk.